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APEA/AFT Headquarters
211 Fourth Street
Suite 306
Juneau, Alaska 99801
(907)586-9855 in Juneau
(800)478-9991 within Alaska
(907)586-5905 Fax

General Information

Questions regarding your benefit? Here are some important numbers or contacts:

In Juneau, 586-9855 or 586-2334 or fax 586-5905
(800) 478-9991 toll-free

WAIT...Do you have this benefit?

One of the eligibility criteria is that you must be a member or fee payer in one of the following APEA/AFT bargaining units:

  • Confidential Employees Association (CEA)

  • Fairbanks North Star Borough Employees Assoc. (FNSBEA)

  • Juneau Mental Health Professionals (JMHP)

  • Juneau Education Support Staff (JESS)

  • Nome Joint Utilities (NJU)

  • State of Alaska Supervisory Unit (SU)

  • Kenai Borough Employees Association (KBEA)

The SU is our largest group of members with about 2,300 participants.  If you are a State of Alaska Employee but not in the Supervisory Unit or the Confidential Employees Association with us, then you are most likely in the General Government Unit (GGU) with ASEA. The Alaska State Employees Association's GGU members also have a legal trust benefit but it is not associated in any way with this Plan. If you are a GGU member, please go to www.asealegalservices.org or call your third party administrator at Labor Trust Services in Anchorage at (800) 325-6532 extension 4228.

We also coordinate benefits for you. If you and your spouse (or same-sex domestic partner) are both APEA/AFT members, please let us know by completing that portion of the Member Agreement form. Benefits will be paid equally between both members' benefits.  OR, if your spouse has a legal service benefit through a different union (i.e. ASEA for GGU members), the primary member's union pays first and routes the payment copy to the secondary member's union for either payment or file. A primary member is defined as having the earlier birth month and day.

The legal services plan will pay $2,000.00 on your behalf for covered services each fiscal year. Our fiscal year runs from July 1 thru June 30. This benefit amount does not carry over into the next fiscal year. 

The Plan "A" attorneys we have listed have agreed to restrict their rate to $125 per hour for our members. If the attorney you would like to handle your case is not listed on our website, please refer to Section 4 of the Plan Booklet where it explains in detail the difference between using a Plan A vs. Plan B attorney. Plan B attorneys may charge their regular hourly rate. When a Plan B attorney charges more than $125.00 per hour, the Trust will only pay $60.00 per hour.  Or, ask them to lower their rate for you in order to be paid at 100% up to your maximum.  Sometimes they will.  :)